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        Welcome to Suzhou bullish Motor Co., Ltd!
        Suzhou bullish Motor Co., Ltd.

            Suzhou bullish motor co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, manufacturing, services in one of the modern enterprise, specializing in the production of equipment such as fan, motor, has the abundant technical force, advanced CAD auxiliary design system, specialized processing center and perfect testing facilities. The company mainly produces centrifugal fan, three-phase asynchronous motor.......

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        Plastic bottle blow molding machine processing temperature control

        Plastic bottle blow molding mach…

        Blown plastic bottle which is machined plastic processing common processing projects, .... [MORE]
        Suzhou bullish Motor Co., Ltd.
        Phone: 86-0512-58489901,0512-58482988
        Fax: 86-0512-58485488
        QQ: 2154265675
        E-mail: 2154265675@qq.com
        Zip Code: 215600
        Address: Zhangjiagang City, the port town of Tian Zhuang Industrial Park
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